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Sydneys Gymkhana

Hey Bay Ridge bloggers, this past Saturday our Assistant Trainer Sydney participated in a gymkhana western show with her horse Ronnie. For those who are not familiar with what a gymkhana (gym-ka-na) is let me give you a little background.

A gymkhana is a formal western show providing a variety of timed games played on horseback. These events normally consist of weaving through poles, cones, and running around barrels as well as fun games such as skill barrels, Big T, and hurry scurry. Riders who run over the objects, drop them or knock them over receive a time penalty.

Sydney and Ronnie have been participating in weekly barrel racing jackpots and thought why not try something new! They participated in 4 out of 5 classes placing 2nd in three of the events and 3rd in one. She ran in the open class which means for green horses and riders who are in training or just simply beginning their show career. They clocked some really great times did not knock anything over and had a blast competing against some very talented riders!

I just wanted to congratulate trainer Sydney and her horse Ronnie on their first successful show.

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