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Pick your horses hooves

Hey everyone! Hope you had a eventful weekend. I just wanted to discuss some horse care tips with y’all. One of the most important care tips is picking your horse's hooves. This is very important. Why you might ask? Horses are prone to getting rocks in their feet. I know some of you might think "Well, so what? It is just a rock. Pick it out an your all good right?". Well yes and no. If a rock sits in their hoof long enough the stone bruises the sole of the hoof and if left in too long it can abscess. What is an abscess? A abscess is like a big blister that is from a rock penetrating the sole of the hoof. It can be very painful for horses causing them to then become lame. How do you prevent this from happening? How to prevent your horse getting a painful abscess...pick your horses feet at lease once a day. Keeping them clean will limit your chances of getting an abcess and keep your fur babies very happy and healthy. When do you pick your horses feet? I pick my horses feet before/after my ride. Right as I’m putting them back into there stall for the night I will check their feet yet again to make sure their is nothing stuck up near the frog. This way they go from the cross-tie/hitching post/ turn out, into their stall full of shavings to arenas full of rocks and other sharp objects.

Why I am expressing so much on this is because recently I picked my geldings feet after my ride and found a rock wedged in between his frog and bar. Not good. Picture of rock down below was what I found. Definitely not the buried treasure I was hoping to find.

It took me a good minute to pull it out. That's how far up it was! If I didn’t check my horses hooves regularly, that could have been a disaster!

So please make sure your fur friends are happy and healthy!

Thanks everyone, hope this simple tip will help you!

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