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Mounting issues?

Do you have mounting issues? Well, not anymore. Here is a quick tip that will take you 5 minutes to improve your horse's mounting problems as well as teach your horse some manners.

When mounting your horse the first thing I want you to know is they must wait for you every step of the way! Why? Because this not only is this a daily procedure of getting on your horse...this is mounting safety that your horse must respectfully learn.

Your step to step to do list:

Step 1- line your horse up. Waiting 15+ seconds before moving on. If you find your horse moving or walking away...repeat the first step over. Patience is always key.

Step 2- Proceed to place your foot in iron putting only half of your weight into the stirrup. Wait to swing your leg completely over.

Step 3- Mount up and stay seated. Do not allow your horse to walk away or move forward.

Step 4- Pick up other iron. The horse is not allowed to walk away before you cue them to go.

Step 5- When all is calm, cue your horse to walk away.

Every step consists of you pausing and waiting. This tip not only teaches you but also teaches your horse patience. When teaching younger horses (green/hyper) try adjusting the waiting period so you are keeping their attention for the time being slowly increasing their waiting ability. Teaching patience takes don’t forget to praise your horse. Remember, every small step should not go unrewarded.

I hope this simple example helped. Good luck trying this patience tip with your horse!

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