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6 Year Anniversary!

Congratulations Head Trainer Bailey and horse Story on 6 wonderful years of friendship!

The day Bailey got Story was just a day after her 15th birthday February 4th 2012. It was a beautiful suprise for not only her but her family anxiously awaiting in the breezeway. When she arrived she was asked by the barn owner to get a horse for the barn party she was assisting for. As headed to the horses stall, she caught her family standing on the side of the barn waiting. Questioning why they were all at the barn her grandmother quickly replied they were there to see her ride. Bailey's mother came around to ask her to look at something just a few feet from where they stood.

As Bailey approached a stall, she came across a happy birthday sign hung across the wood boards with young Story standing inside. Tears of confusion and joy exploded from her face as she had repetitively asked her father if she would ever be allowed to have a horse. Bailey has been around horses almost her whole life. Spending days volunteering for horse camps, assisting a head trainer, even tending to the many horses at the barn. With her family realizing the embedded passion of horse blooming daily they had all pitched in to make her dreams become a reality. Who would have though that one day she would be successfully running her own business with not only one horse....but 12!

Here is to nothing but the best for Bailey and Story's years together! Congratulations on your continuous growth and passion for caring for so many animals.

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