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Body clipping horses

Long time no blog. Well, we’re back. So, I just wanted to talk about body clipping a horse. The reason we body clip a horse. In winter, the horses grow a thicker coat to keep them warm during the cold weather. We clip the horses coat to keep them from

1. Over heating during workouts

2. It's Hygienic

3. So they don’t fall ill.

Now let’s go over these steps.

1. Over heating- due to the long coat they will get sweaty a lot quicker.

2. It's Hygienic to clip your horse! They won't get as sweaty and they will dry out much faster.

3. Sick- if the horse is sweaty after their ride and it is cold out, it takes them longer to dry with that heavy coat and you could risk them getting sick.

Different clip jobs (Diagram Below as well as photos of our freshly clipped horses)

Trace clip- we only clip section of horse.

Full body- whole body

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